Zombie Short Film : Row Z

Saw this great Zombie short film this week – Row Z. Set in England after the Zombie apocalypse the main character tries to stay sane but reliving parts of his daily life before the fall

let me know what you think

Row Z from Dusty Rhodes on Vimeo.

Row Z is a psychological drama based in a post-evacuation Britain, 15%
of the population managed to evacuate while the remaining were
abandoned by the government and were left to be devoured by the
biological epidemic that took the lives of millions. Michael and his
father, to his knowledge, are the only survivors that remain in the
South-West of England. He looks to retain his humanity and state of
mind by holding onto what is dearest to him. Nostalgia guides him and
his father to where they attended football games. He journeys through
an abandoned city to the stadium so that they may relive one of his
happier moments prior to the evacuation.

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