Zombie Night Sy Fy Movie Review

Sy Fy have made a bunch of made for tv Zombie Movies over the years – some which have been reviewed here before see Last years Rise of the Zombies starring Danny Trejo and Zombie Apocalypse with Ving Rhames. With these movies you get what you pay for 😉 and I know some Zombie purists do not rate these films at all.

zombie night sy fy movie

Zombie Night starts with a family stuck in traffic trying to make it home to their daughters boyfriend (also their next door neighbors) house as they have a safe room. That’s when the SHTF and the dead start to rise. As always with the Sy Fy movies they try to spend some money on name actors and this time around we have Anthony Michael Hall, Daryl Hannah, Shirley Jones (the Patridge family) and Ferris Bueller’s side kick actor Alan Ruck.

Some new twists to modern Zombie folklore in this film, you can be bitten and not turn and you can die and turn (Hello the walking dead!) The Zombies on this one are slow much like the classic Night of the Living Dead and definitely slower and much less aggressive than the ones on the Walking Dead. As per the typical horror film the main cast do some stupid things – like run from the safe room when there are two dead Zombies in there and face 100s of active Zombies versus chucking out the two dead ones and staying out for the rest of the film. I guess if they did that that would be a very short Zombie film.

You guys have no idea how many terrible Zombie films I sit thru – I am a great believer you can make a great Zombie film on a low budget – the Original Night of the living dead and I, Zombie are perfect examples of this. That said most guys with small budgets try to make a blockbuster and fail miserably. While there are some cheesy moments in Zombie Night – its actually an enjoyable B movie and a lot of fun to watch. Surprisingly a miserable old bastard like me loved the film, well worth checking out if they re-run it or you see it online. Recommended!

Here’s the trailer:

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