War of the Dead – Review

This is a movie set during WWII and involves Captain Stone and a platoon of American and Finnish soldiers on a mission to find a bunker held by the Germans. On the way there they come under fire and at the same time run in to some German soldiers that seem to be “undead”. How is this possible? Their platoon is almost completely killed off apart from a few of them, including Capt. Stone. They move on and run in to another survivor, a Russian soldier. They all try to survive and end up at the bunker they were meant to take out. But once inside they find out just how the German soldiers became the “undead”.


I picked up a copy of the Finnish Zombie Film “War of the Dead‘ about 2 weeks back and finally had a chance to sit down and watch it. Shot in Lithuania in 2007 this was the most expensive Lithuanian movie at the time – production ran out of money and the film wasn’t completed until 2011. Featuring English actor Andrew Tiernan (best known as the hunchback character in the 300 film for American audiences but has done plenty of TV work in England , The Bill, Life of Mars, The Quartermass experiment etc) in a role that was original cast for James van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame. The film features a mix of Finnish and English speaking actors.

Like I said above the film is expensively done, but that doesn’t always equal good, its weird , normal Nazis + Zombies is a winning combination for me but I feel like that film never really finds its footing and is neither, gory or suspenseful enough to really deliver. The zombies run, shamble and even spring out of trees (what?) yet at no time are you like stressing that they are any real threat (example the scene in 28 days later when the taxi breaks down in the tunnel and they have to change the tire or most of the South African film the dead where the Zombies are slow and shambling but also relentless and never stop coming.) Compared to the Nazi Zombie movie Outpost this is a big disappointment.

I would not recommend buying this film unless you are a Zombie completest but if it aired on the Sy Fy Channel one night it would be worth checking out

Here is the trailer

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  1. Canucklehead says:

    Dead Snow is the mother of all Nazi zombie films, but this doesn’t look half bad.

  2. LOVE nazi zombies! the best!

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