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Australian film the Undead came out back in 2003. I picked up a copy from my local DVD store without really knowing that much about it besides the fact it was a Zombie film and thought screw it, I will take the chance on this one.

Like we all know so many Zombie films follow a similar theme , mysterious virus from Outer of Space (or the Government) hits a small town and havoc ensues. Well this film does start off like that …..but…..twists into a complete “WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON HERE?????”  I know I have said this before but most Zombie films stick to pretty much the same theme – this one leaves you staring at the screen wondering what is happening !!!!
About half way through the film, it definitely throws a massive curve ball into the whole Zombie Film genre and no, I am not going to tell you what it is – you will have to check the film out for yourself as there is no way to try to even explain whats going on without giving too much of the plot away.

Aside from the complete mind F*ck plot twists there are some great Zombie deaths and effects as well. I am always looking out for different Zombie special effects and tricks and this film has them by the bucket load.

What makes this film even more impressive is the fact that the two Aussie brothers that made it – pretty much did it on a budget using their credit cards. While I have seen many very cheap Zombie films that look it – I would think this was a film funded by the Aussie movie commission or something and not self funded at all. In one of the making of documentary’s they talk about how the special effects computers were so pushed to capacity with memory that they would crash after every effect was added.

This is not a Zombie film for everyone – especially fans who want straight up gore and no “weirdness” to their film but if you are looking for something with a little difference to check out on a Friday night then this baby is worth watching.


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  1. Lang says:

    I found the tough guy character very annoying…..was he the true identity of spiderman or daredevil? No explanation is given to why he can do gravity defying stunts….but oh, does he do them, and in slow motion. The most annoying part of this character is that he does stunts when they are not needed. So he can jump up and then hang upside down from the rafters and shoot backwards…..but wouldnt it be easier to just turn around to shoot what’s behind you? And some of the special effects were hard to decipher (I couldnt tell the wall was a wall, it looked liked a weird cloud). They worked hard on it, and I appreciate their efforts, but not a very good movie.

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