The Walking Dead Episode 407 Dead Weight Recap

Last night’s the Walking Dead was the second in the story arc following the Governor since the fall of Woodbury. Leaving off where Episode 406 finished with the Governor and Megan stuck in a pit with his old pal Martinez peering down on them. Martinez rescues Megan and has second thoughts about pulling him out until he hears Lily call him Brian and realizes that the Governor is up to something again.

Martinez tells him he will pull him up on two conditions – one being everyone in the group contributes and two being that the he accepts Martinez as the boss

The Walking Dead - Dead Weight

Philip has to now go on survival runs with 2 brothers both ex military to prove himself and contribute to the group.
They stumble across another camp which Mitch the more risk taking of the two brothers wants to raid but Pete the more level headed of the two thinks they should let live.

After a day of squirrel hunting the return to see the very same camp raided and everyone killed. this rightfully alarms the Governor as he realizes that their camp could very easily be next and he plans to leave that night with his newly adopted family. Only to find out the road out of the camp has a swamp trap to stop the walkers getting in. Returning the camp the next day he systemically takes out Martinez then Pete as he realizes he will never be happy until he is running the show again.

Don’t get me wrong the Walking Dead is still the best Zombie show on Tv but it is a lil bit of a stretch to kill a man’s brother one day and offer him a smoke the next to join up with him. The teasers for next week’s show (the Mid Season finale) show the Governor at the prison with the rest of his survivors ready to attack. Will he succeed this time? I know that in the comics the tank destroys the prison and the few that survive are left to flee on foot but that said the TV writers like to borrow some things from the comics and create their own story.

Either way I will be watching next week and expecting some major cast members to be killed off.

Here is the teaser:

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