The Walking Dead Episode 406 “Live Bait” Recap

A familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats.

the walking dead live bait the governor

I really enjoyed this week’s episode

After last weeks episode finishing with the Governor watching the prison – everyone was expecting this episode to start where last week’s left off . So of course the writers threw us for a spin – by giving us a back story on what had happened to the Governor and his last remaining loyal foot soldiers in the long months since he flipped out and killed most of the Woodbury fighting force.

This was a great episode and interesting enough – they pinched quite a bit of the plot from the Story “rise of the governor” which I happened to pick up in paperback form from the Airport recently. I don’t read the comic books (deliberate intention) but I do understand that the TV show is influenced by the comics but does not always follow the same storyline.

The paperback (which I am going to PRESUME is the same as the comic book) has Philip and his brother BRIAN plus his friend and daughter take shelter in the Apartment building with 2 sisters and their old man. Philip and Nick his buddy spend days clearing the building of surviving biters and making the place a stronghold

Of course Philip messes it up and they are sent on their way.

I find it interesting that they added another little girl – to show some of the Governor’s human side and this time they all leave together due to dwindling supplies.

I missed half the trailer for next week’s but I saw the part where they are re-united with Martinez and now he is in charge – going to make for an interesting story line if you ask me.

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