The Walking Dead Episode 210 recap “18 Miles Out”

Ok I am just saying that anyone who has not watched this episode yet please do not read this as I will be discussing what happened on the episode so take this as your spoiler notice and don’t come whining to me if read this and ruin it for yourself – thanks

Last nights episode “18 miles out” in my opinion was definitely one of the best episodes of the season – me personally I do not really have too much of a problem with the “soap operary” parts of TWD call it old age or just being jaded but I no longer get off on watching scenes were people eat fake intestines and livers….(boring!!!!) That said plenty of my friends have moaned the show is too slow moving and too much talking and not enough Zombie killing. Its almost if the writers have taken that to heart as this episode was action packed with some great Zombie kills – of which Rick Grimes blowing a Magnum through the skulls of two Zombies at once was the high light of . Basically the title comes from the plan to drive the guy who Rick saved in last weeks episode 18 miles out passed the farm and leave him there so that he 1) had a fighting chance of living and 2) would not be able to figure out where the farm was (blind folded with an ipod blaring 80s music and shoved in the trunk of a car will do that to you)

So Rick pulls up at a cross road (geddit???) and him and Shane have a big ol heart to heart on how Shane is out of line and he has to follow Ricks lead etc etc after their jibber jabber they drive on past 18 miles out until they come to a suitable space to dump the kid – who’s leg I might add was going to be possibly cut off only one week ago seems to have healed very very fast – anyways that’s a minor point and they find what looks like some sort of county building with a good chain link fence and a only a couple of Zombie cops or guards to kill. Shane and Rick get into it again – big fights break out and a horde of the undead come about of the building they were stored in and nearly kill Rick and Shane

Now what I want to discuss / point out is the following:

* First what is up with the 2 dead cops with no bites yet are infected? Is the virus becoming air borne? Is everyone infected and if you die (like in a Romero film) you will turn regardless of getting bitten?

* Is it just me of when Rick saw the guys give a look like “yup I Know”?? Is this what Jenner whispered to him back in the cdc?

* Rick tells them to use their knives and then cuts his finger open to leave a trail of blood on the chain link fence if that was me and I now believed the the virus to get in through cuts and scratches why the frig would I go and cut my own hand open? that seems insane

* What is up with the big Zombie walking through the fields who was on Shane’s side of the car both on the way there and back? walking in circles?

* Where was the rest of the cast? given the day off?

* If the kid knows Maggie does that mean his group of guys have already scoped out Herschels farm?

If you have any inside knowledge on any of these leave us a comment because we would love to know

My theory is we are going to see the farm over run on the last episode of the season and probably kill off a lot of the excess cast members and leave us hanging until October

Either way a great episode and lets keep them coming

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead Episode 210 recap “18 Miles Out”

  1. that was actually a pretty good episode – RIP Shane

  2. was it just me – but when Shane smashed that window did he look like a zombie himself?

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