The Defiled “We Are All Meat” Movie Review

Some time ago I heard that someone was making a film from the Zombies point of view. It sounded like a great idea but for the life of me I still cannot remember the name of the film. (Anyone help me out here?) So fast forward a month or two later and I was going over the new release racks at my nearest DVD store and I found a film called “The Defiled” with the tag phrase “We are all meat”.

It had on the top of its cover that it had been nominated for a bunch minor film festival awards. These days there are so many of these film festivals and even some of the legit ones nominate stinkers, so who can tell how much you should really look at those and make a buying decision based on how many little “Fred Perry” type crests are on top of the cover. Anyways as usual I digress. I had never heard of this film and from what I could gather by reading the back cover – it was a Zombie Film shot from the Zombies point of view and it was also a silent film and shot in black and white. Alright, so maybe this was the film I had read about earlier and so I figured what the hell and I took a gamble. Well you know what sometimes when you gamble you win and most of the time you lose.

While to be fair I have to give the film makers credit for at least trying to go astray from the well worn path of telling the same Zombie tale as everyone else (but change a few little details along the way) this film on the whole is sooooo boring. I was pretty much in torture waiting for this thing to end – geez . I have no clue why I did not just turn the dvd player off and eject that mo fo but I held on to the bitter end in the hope that something might happen , anything, anything at all but not a chance.

The film starts off with a Zombie business manĀ  who has sex with a Zombie woman and pretty soon they have a Zombie baby that he spends the rest of the film running around trying to protect from the “survivors” . Actually forget you read that because that alone sounds far more interesting than the actual film was. Do not waste your money buying this film and unless you are a huge Zombie fan and need to watch pretty much EVERY film in the genre do not waste your time on watching this film. Whats the old saying? If you waste money you can always earn more – if you waste time you can never get it back. That’s my opinion of the film and that’s that. Until then I will keep my eyes and ears open for this mythical film based on the Zombies point of view as I cannot or will not accept the fact that “The Defiled – We Are All Meat” is that film – thanks for reading.


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  1. John Brookes says:

    Perhaps you are thinking of the UK film ‘Colin’

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