The Dead – South African Zombie Film

So I finally got to the South African Zombie film – THE DEAD. Actually I was in my local Target about 2 weeks back – kind of rushing around and a I saw a big stack of the dvd and was like “what film is that???” It was only after I was on my way home that I realized that it was this film and I needed to see it! So yesterday I had to order a bunch of stuff from Amazon and I added that dvd to my order.After I received the confirmation email from them I got a 2nd email telling me to download my digital version at such and such a link. I though wow did I accidentally order the digital version when I wanted the dvd? Nope they gave me a free digital download as obviously they are trying to get people to try this as opposed to being hooked on physical copies like people such as my self are.

I kind of figured it would take me some time to figure out how to download and get set up to watch on my home computer but it was very easy – 1 click and boom there it was playing in crystal clear quality on my flat screen computer monitor.

So whats the film like? Well I did like it – the Zombies are slow moving which very much reminds me of a lot of the 80s Zombie films..however even though they were slow moving in a post 28 days later, Dawn of the Dead remake fast moving Zombie world there was still enough suspense when they closed in on the hero to get you going. The scenes shot against the south African back grounds are admittedly absolutely stunning. On the whole the film was decent but probably could have been say 15 minutes or so shorter as it did feel like it dragged a lil in the 2nd half – The blu ray box cover here says its the best Zombie film of the year – I would definitely not go that far at all. Good film but not AMAZING if you get what I am saying.

Here is the trailer:

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  1. this film wasn’t bad – kind of made slow moving zombies cool again

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