The Dead 2 Zombie Movie Review

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The South African Zombie film “The Dead” Reviewed here to me was a great return to “slow moving Zombies” that were scary. You see, before this film I felt personally that the time for slowing moving Zombies was over. Films like 28 days later and the 2004 remake of the Dawn of the Dead had fast moving Zombies (or “the infected” in the case of 28 days later and 28 weeks later) and they really upped the ante on shit your pants scary. The Dead’s zombies were slow and easy to outmaneuver if you were out of ammo but they just did not stop coming. They were relentless. The Dead made slow moving Zombies scary again.

The weird thing was a week before picking up a copy of the Dead 2 I went back and re-watched The Dead but had to turn it off before it finished. That’s not to say it isn’t a good film but it just wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe because I knew what was going to happen, not all good films are films you want to watch over and over.

Well the Dead 2 picks off pretty much right after the first one with a Freight ship returning to India with one of the workers “bitten by a mad African” shortly before they set sail. he is of course probably patient Zero and before you know it we have a huge pandemic on our hands again.

Many people believe that sequels are usually inferior to the originals but I personally felt this was a far superior film, the pacing was spot on and as in the first one the Zombies just did not let up. If you like slow moving Zombies or just want to see a Zombie film based in India (I can’t think of another off the top of my head although they do mention India a fair bit in the BOOK version of World War Z) then go check out THE DEAD 2.

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