Why a blog?

* We like sharing ideas with people
* We want to think out loud as a company
* We want to include everyone’s voice in the discussion

Most blogs are personal journals – how will this work as a company?
We aren’t sure. We’re willing to try. We set this up as a group blog and hopefully it won’t be confusing. Or maybe it will be and we’ll try to organize it better. The cool thing about these tools is they allow this flexibility.

6 Responses to About

  1. Scout says:

    Hey there!

    I just stumbled upon your blog, thought I would shoot you a line since we’re into similar things.

    I’m the producer on ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE!, a new animated series
    that has distribution through Machinima. It’s a zombie comedy that
    guarantees each of the things in its title for maximum awesomeness and
    gore! Here’s the trailer:

    The first episode airs on Machinima’s YouTube network in a couple of
    weeks. Would you be open to reviewing the show or doing an interview with
    us after the episode launches so all the zombie-lovers can find us?

    Scout Raskin
    Executive Producer
    Sonic Bunny Productions

  2. al-admin says:

    Hey Scott – do you have a banner we can post on our site?

  3. Scout Raskin says:

    Hey guys!
    The trailer for our zombie cartoon series premiered last week on Machinima
    to the tune of 97,000 views.

    Our first episode of ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE! launched TODAY on
    Machinima: http://youtu.be/c4G5ICH2wYY

    Bonus animated shorts + behind-the-scenes videos:

    It would be awesome to get a blurb on your site and a link to the episode!
    We are HUGE fans so it would be a dream come true! Will you feature us?

    Scout Raskin
    Executive Producer
    ZOMBIE MURDER EXPLOSION DIE!, Sonic Bunny Productions
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/zombiecartoon
    TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/zmedshow

  4. Andrew Patterson says:

    Love to have you review our new film Let There Be Zombies. I can email you the official press release or check out the press kit on the Media page at http://www.LetThereBeZombies.com

    Hit me up if you need anything!

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