Night of the Creeps (1986) Review

Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. Some teenagers start to fight against them.

I really can’t remember if I saw this film back in the day although I definitely saw the trailer and was like “I gotta see that”


Starring cult horror star Tom Atkins (Halloween 3, Escape from New York , The Fog) Night of the Creeps is one of these 80’s cult films that in my mind really has not stood the test of time. last weekend I went back and watched the original Night of the Living Dead a film made 18 years before Night of the Creeps and guess what ?? Its still great , its still relevant and it is the grand daddy of modern Zombie films. Night of the creeps is slow in its pacing, predictable and apart from the classic lines (see below) is painful to watch in this day and age. I am sure if I did actually watch it back in the 80s I would have probably enjoyed the hell out of it but with so many superior films before and after this – its just wasn’t fun for me to watch.

One thing that is worth noting is that the makers of 2006’s Slither were definitely heavily inspired by Night of the Creeps. That said in my opinion Slither is a great B horror movie done right , it is funny, scary and entertaining. Going to be interesting to see how Slither holds up in 20 years time.


If it comes on the Sy Fy channel on a Friday night by all means check it out but don’t go paying $300 on the 2nd hand collectors market for a mint VHS copy of it – please you have way better things to spend your money on.

Here is the trailer

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    I saw this at the movies back in the day and enjoyed it but when i recently watched it – I found it really boring

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