Full World War Z trailer released.

Despite being originally scheduled for a December 2012 release and being set back until Summer 2013 (due to a complete re-write of the ending of the Movie ) Brad Pitt’s realization of Max brooks best selling Novel “world War z” looks like it could be promising. many of us felt that the style of the book lends itself more to a weekly TV series ala The Walking Dead as opposed to a blockbuster movie but I have faith that Brad Pitts production company “plan B” will do the right thing

here is the first official trailer

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4 Responses to Full World War Z trailer released.

  1. henry hill says:

    uh – fast zombies – wtf?

    • Big Al says:

      I was kind of weirder out by that at first too – I read somewhere that the film makers have changed them from the undead to the infected – I am prepared to give this a chance

  2. henry hill says:

    I dunno man – I dunno….

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