Episode 402 The Walking Dead: Infected Recap

So second episode into Season 4 of the walking dead and they promised us carnage, a lot of carnage. With nerd kid Patrick dying right at the end of Episode one we were certainly given the impression that some major cast members were going to be wiped out this time. people even claim they saw a stack of bodies being burned, with guesses on Beth and possibly Carol meeting their doom.

Without giving too much of the plot away – actually screw that, if you haven’t seen this one yet – stop reading as spoilers abound. Sure we got carnage but it was all characters from Woodbury that we had no affinity too. 15 people all told , not bad but definitely a tease from the writers. That said is it just me or is Maggie going to die soon – with Glen taking her Polaroid photo – is that a sign?

So whats with the girls who lost their father – do we think it is them feeding the walkers – since they had or at least the older one had compassion for the walkers? I don’t believe the Governor snuck in there just to bait the walkers with rats – do you? It could be the new guy the alcoholic but somehow I doubt it. To be honest with you my guess is we will see the Governor return close to the end of this season meaning the second run of episodes which will air in 2014.

So Greg Nicotero promised that S4.02 and S4.03 are going to be shockers – so far its a good start but nothing mind blowing yet – lets see how next weeks pans out.


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