Zombie Booth

I got this app from the Amazon Android market place the day it opened and was for free (It might be a buck or two you will have to check) I also understand that you can pick it up for I-phones too. Its pretty damn great and probably one of my favorite Android Apps. On my new phone I tried to be super selective on what apps I downloaded so I didn’t slow my phone down to much.

The basic idea is you load up the app, it has like a camera like interface, you take a photo of one of your friends and it turns them into a Zombie. It works great and people love it – just have to make sure that if they are some one who wears glasses that they take them off first as the code will not recognize them otherwise.

Hours of fun for everyone.

Oh yeah it also works great on getting chicks numbers as you can take their photo and then get their number to send them a copy – perfect – what more could you ask for in a Zombie Phone app?

Get a copy today


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