5th Resident Evil Movie

I read this weekend that there will be a 5th Resident Evil movie currently slated to come out Sept 14th 2012

To anyone who saw the last Resident Evil film (Resident Evil Afterlife) I am sure that this comes as no surprise – the film virtually screamed “make sequel NOW!!” However rumor has it the studio heads were none too thrilled to be paying out massive salaries to Husband and Wife, Writer/direct and Star respectively Paul W.S.Anderson and Milla Jovovich and were toying with the idea of bringing in some other characters from the games . Not sure how true this is but If so, I am glad that they manged to work out what ever deals that needed to be done.

The RE franchise is now so tied to Anderson and MJ that to bring in new blood at this stage of the game would just be….weird… yeah…it would just not be right.

Anyways I do not have any further info on the film at this point but if it does come out at the scheduled release date then this will be the shortest gap in between any two Resident Evil films to date – coming in at a little over 2 years.

Either way keep posted to our site to find out more news when it comes in.

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  2. September – right?

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