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Dead Season – Zombie Movie review

When a worldwide viral outbreak leads to a plague of zombies scouring the earth for the living, two survivors flee the chaos of America to a remote island, hoping for a chance to start a new life. What they find … Continue reading

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Resident Evil Retribution – new Trailer

So this week I heard that the movie World War Z is in big trouble with either a ton of re-shoots needed or possibly even shelving it forever! Some Zombie fans think brad Pitt is nuts for even thinking he … Continue reading

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The Last of Us – Gameplay Demo – E3

We talked about this game on ZMR sometime back now – here is some gameplay footage that was shown at this year’s E3 convention – can’t wait for this one

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The Zombie Apocalypse is here ..or is it?

Within a week here in North America we had a series of bizarre incidents – from the “Miami Zombie” who was shot and killed after eating a poor homeless guys face off, to a crazed man in New jersey who … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead meme

I saw this one this morning and felt I had to share it with everyone – in case you have been living in a cave for the last week and Have just got back to civilization – a man high … Continue reading

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