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Zombie Dawn Trailer

Just saw the trailer for this low budget South American Zombie Film Some of my buds commented that this looks pretty low budget and cheap..I dunno I will reserve judgement until I see the actual film ..I have seen some … Continue reading

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Tips For Surviving A Holiday Zombie Invasion

Just watched this video – perfect advice for the Holiday season

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Zombie Driftwood – Trailer

I just caught this trailer for the British Zombie/Comedy Zombie Driftwood. Apparently this film has been out in England already but has yet to secure US distribution. It is set on one of those Island resorts for British Tourists (Think … Continue reading

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The Last of Us – teaser trailer

I haven’t played video games since about 2000 – I worked for 2 years in the video game industry and that kind of killed the whole magic of games for me. Besides I am such a big fan of great … Continue reading

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World War Z the Movie – sneak peek

Any true Zombie fan should own a copy of Max Brooks novel “World War Z” if you haven’t read it yet then stop watching movies for a weekend and pick up a copy – its an epic tale – set … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Webisodes

By now you must surely be familiar with this Blonde rotting Zombie from Season One of the Walking Dead. If my memory serves me correctly – Sheriff Rick Grimes finds her in the middle of a park when he was … Continue reading

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I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

Just saw this trailer for a new Zombie film which looks rather promising “I Survived a Zombie Holocaust” New Zealand has a great history of making quirky Zombie / Horror Movies from “Brain Dead” to the “Last of the Living” … Continue reading

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Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood

Ok, full disclosure….I picked up this on the name alone and you know what who can blame me? This has to be the best titled Zombie film of all time. Well to be fair, I saw that C Thomas Howell … Continue reading

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